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iQSM™ intelligent perpetual reserve protocols fully secure and pre-fund intelligent new and refinanced - 100% - LTPV (loan to property value) 30 yr term non PMI, fixed zero interest rate PO fixed principal repay only home loans that leverage a fixed and certain full term PO loan service cost, that is term risk adjusted down to just 0 to 50% of a - traditional 30 year 5.25% P&I loan.

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-  home loan system

-  world leading technology secured ecosystem

iQSM SmartCore™ powers a residential owner-occupied yield asset investment class with unrivalled new collateral reserving capabilities and - fully - automated capital and yield generation protocols that allow us to lend to 100% of LTPV, in all PO loan instances - with a current collateral reserved capital base, and future yield asset stream, that reduces the initial PO loan ratio, new or refinanced, to 60% of loan to reserve asset value LTAV.

All PO loan accounts have reserve account offset, redraw and new credit line drawing rights plus ongoing term-reset options.

An AiON SmartCore refinance strategy, based on current & future-state empowered equity line capital flows - will pre-fund 30 years, (the full loan term), of PO repayments ex settlement with a fixed sum PO loan balance carried forward and with no out-of-pocket loan repayments, to make, during the loan term.

It totally eliminates, out-of-pocket PO home loan service costs and increases net disposable household income, for - all local PO loan instances. Direct savings, can be as much as 40% of net loan qualifying income - for PO refinanced P&I or IO loans.


Short, medium and long-term, local wealth creation and ROI is increased without the interest costs of bank or non-bank loans.

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