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IQSM, IQSM GROUP, IQSM LIMITED, 'we', 'us' and 'our' refer to the global network of licensed member firms of IQSM, or, to one or more member firms, or their affiliates.

IQSM Limited is a company registered in the UK with company registration number: 09185715.

IQSM Limited coordinates the IQSM network of licensed member firms and it does not provide direct services to any individual, business or government client.

IQSM Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of Decroix Limited which is a holding company registered in the UK with company registration number: 09961955. 


IQSM Group is a leading global network of 30+ globally licensed member firms providing access to a diversified new portfolio of technology secured network funding solutions for locally certified, licensed and regulated bank and non-bank credit, investment management and financial service providers.

GS-1 BMU investments are currently restricted to - Qualified, Accredited and Institutional US, CA, UK, EU, CH, AU, SG and HK investors and licensed member firms only. Subordinated local market, BMU Client Right of Use (CRU) account entitlements are only available (subject to local market registered and conforming KYC, AML, and CTF regulatory control rule sets) via network licensed local bank and non-bank credit, investment management and financial service providers, for their registered and conforming individual, business and government clients.

AiON Technologies Limited, a company registered in the UK, with company registration number:

15279380 is responsible for coordinating member firm provisioning service across the IQSM network.


AION Capital Holdings Limited, a company registered in the UK with company registration number: 

15282850 is responsible for coordinating member firm funding mandates across the IQSM network.


AiON Technologies Limited and AION Capital Holdings Limited provision local market synchronised and network regulated funding mandate services and products through licensed member firms only.

AiON Technologies Limited and AION Capital Holdings Limited are fully owned subsidiaries of IQSM Limited. 

IQSM Limited and each member firm, are separate and independent legal entities, each of which is responsible for its own acts, omissions or liabilities and not those of any other member of the IQSM Group or member firm network. 

All trademarks appearing on this Website are either owned by us, or a third party. You must not use any trade marks, that appear on the Website without the written consent of us or the applicable trade mark owner.

The internet domains that are currently link-referenced on the website are all licensed to IQSM Ventures Limited (UK Company Registration Number 09930546) and are used by the member and affiliate firms of IQSM under limited use, local market platform licence rights, in a number of countries, around the world. 

Any and all intellectual property rights that are subsisting in any IQSM Group registered provisional or standard patent document, IQSM white paper publication, due diligence process, non-disclosure agreement, or other document made available, are and shall continue to be, owned by (or licensed to) IQSM. 

IQSM does not accept liability for any loss arising from any action taken, or omission, on the basis of the content of any IQSM publication or other document. Professional advice should be obtained before acting, or refraining from acting, on the contents of any such publication or any document.

Last updated 4 December 2023

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