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AiON SmartCore™ multi-line reserve - open banking protocols lock-down unrivalled new local-client-account-directed banking services and lending derived yield products. They render local interest rate based 1:1 full and 10/100 based fractional reserve banking deposits uncompetitive, and - systemically - irrelevant.

-  global

-  open banking system

-  world leading technology secured ecosystem

AiON SmartCore™ user-programmable, 3.2:1 funding reserve protocols unconditionally power and democratise every clients right to create and direct their own fully personalised - reserve account - lending and yield generation - products and services.

AiON SmartCore synchronised funding and yield generation services lock-down unrivalled fixed and certain loan origination profits upfront plus fixed 10x yield line returns over a rolling 60 month horizon in perpetuity. They radically outperform atypical upper 1% percentile - ROA and ROE - global banking industry  benchmarks by fixed and certain base-line multipliers - of 10:1.

No current local or global central banking reserve governance or BIS regulatory control protocols, can match the 3.2:1 Tier-1 local and stateless full reserve asset standards, direct reserve financial claim reserve rights, real-time audit processes, or the sustainable - long-term competitive advantage and profitability derived across a local & global - 320% net stable funding ratio.

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