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AiON SmartCore™ fixed zero interest rate optimised - finance mandates and integrated yield-asset protocols outperform and systemically disrupt all - interest-bearing banking and financial service systems and all - local - corporate and government bill, note and bond valuation metrics, and mark-to-market systems.

-  global

-  open finance system

-  world leading technology secured ecosystem

The fixed zero interest rate PO mortgage loan yield generation system offers a simple and affordable way, for all local - home and investment property owners, to totally eliminate mortgage interest costs and to pre-fund - future-state mortgage principal repayments, and - create and secure - new personalised zero rate auto, card, education and household - credit line facilities.


Fully automated - mortgage loan reset - protocols totally offset and credit as fully pre-paid - future - principal only repayments.


They - dramatically - increase client net disposable income pa by a sum equal to 100% of the refinanced initial P&I or IO loan service cost pa - in each reset phase thereafter, and empower fixed and certain new local market spending, job creation, and social impact benefits, increasing local market - GST and VAT income - accruals, and local base money defined GDP growth.

AiON SmartCore™ intelligent mortgage loan embedded client-directed services render all secured and unsecured, traditional and decentralised stable-coin systems, and third-party custody protocols, current account, deposit yield, credit card, auto loan, personal loan and assetinvestment management - products and service lines systemically uncompetitive, on a global scale.

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