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HQ'ed in the UK, our world leading - IP, software and technology services group is privately held. The synchronisation of our math regulated global open market operations (GoMo), and fixed zero interest rate financial service system with unrivalled - capital flow rate powered and - yield-enhanced - global base money funding reserve protocols renders traditional financial systems irrelevant.


-  open market system

-  world leading technology secured ecosystem

Our mission is simple, we're provisioning open market access to a fairer and more equitable global financial ecosystem, that powers an unrivalled fixed zero interest rate funding and yield generation system, to create new financial service products in a way that no traditional or decentralised financial system can.

The IQSM™ business model is unique and is distinguished by continuous innovation and a radically new approach, to global capital market dynamics. It uniquely reshapes, simplifies, and unconditionally de-risks local market money, banking, finance, payment, insurance and investment products - at global scale.

All traditional local market real estate funding and yield service mandates are managed via locally licensed - service providers and are restricted to the refinance of Qualified, Accredited and Institutional investment real estate loans only - until 1 Jul 2024.

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