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Headquartered in London UK our world leading IP, software and technology services group is privately held. The consolidation of our - global - intellectual property rights with new mathematically secured and regulated - local money supply and funding service  aligned capabilities, renders - all - single-sovereign central bank authorised and regulated - fractional - reserve systems obsolete.


-  open market system

-  world leading technology secured ecosystem

Our mission is simple, we're provisioning open market access, to a fairer and more equitable financial ecosystem in a way no traditional banking, financial services, or fintech institution can.

AiON SmartCore™ reserve account rights, are - activated and directed via - UDiD - trust and tile - certified local and stateless (locally indistinguishable) self-custody protocols only - and are restricted to - Qualified, Accredited and Institutional - investors, member firms and licensed service partners, until 1st Jul 2024.

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