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Privately funded, designed, and developed in Australia - AiON SmartCore™ enables localised UDiD™ clients to register and embed new, self-secured and directed financial services - into their lives and businesses and powers a seamless integration of financial services for a global audience. We have built for a future, where global - CeFi and DeFi - finance is run on digital assets and unconditionally secured - on an intelligent network.



-  digital asset system

-  world leading technology secured ecosystem

IQSM Group™ is not a bank - or an authorised deposit-taking institution. It empowers a frictionless and independent - global technology secured ecosystem - that spans app-enabled local markets and provisions intelligent network embedded rights of use that secure services, and lock-down a - universal - way to both create and transfer value without any cost to UDiD users.


No traditional - bank or non-bank account service system, can currently meet or comply, with it's local full reserve compliance standards, and real-time audit and regulatory control functions.

The IQSM™ business model is based on a - global distributed network of - licensed - financial service providers with a single high performance settlement layer available to all, on-demand.

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