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Privately funded, designed and developed in Australia - locally licensed and regulated financial service providers provision an unrivalled new generation of open banking, finance, insurance, investment and wealth creation service mandates for localised individual, business, and government client - reserve accounts.



-  mandate service system

-  world leading technology secured ecosystem

IQSM Group™ is not a bank, or - an authorised deposit-taking institution. It's services empower superior performance and an independent global technology secured ecosystem that spans and provisions - open market - service mandates, on-demand.

No central bank, commercial bank, or non-bank client account system can meet or comply with, it's fully localised 3.2:1 direct multi-line reserve compliance standards or real-time audit and regulatory control service protocols - on a local or global basis.

Localised distribution is powered via a global platform - linked to an underlying network of locally licensed & regulated credit and financial service providers - who leverage a single unified multi-line reserve funding and settlement network on-demand.

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