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IQSM Group™ is not a bank, or - an authorised deposit-taking institution. It's global perpetual reserve based interchange and value exchange protocols eliminate the risks of conventionally designed banking systems and power stable, fixed and certain current and future - social and economic - growth, on-demand.


-  financial service system

-  world leading technology secured ecosystem

Privately funded, designed & developed in Australia - our high performance, global reserve exchange ecosystem is designed to operate independently of all, local - central and commercial banking and financial systems and secures proprietary - client directed and optimised - financial service rights on-demand. It eliminates all need for intermediaries or local banking systems.

No traditional tokenised or decentralised financial system, can meet its localised social and economic performance standards or comply with its real-time client and whole of ecosystem NSF standards or localised Tier-1 capital and ALM control protocols.


We provision radically simplified and differentiated funding and account service protocols, that no-one else can - now or in the foreseeable future - and are a champion, for local and globally focused individual and business communities. IQSM™ powers sustainable, equitable and inclusive new social impact benefits and economic empowerment outcomes - for registered clients.

No local BMU denominated - foundation - reserve units or any direct form of local - base money - investment offering is made to local private or public sector institutions to provision funding for client finance mandates. All local funding services conform to and are fully math-regulated, across all local market cultural statutes and laws, including the application of US SEC Howey and Reves investment securities tests & regulatory guidelines.

Math-regulated - fixed total supply - GCU and BMU - monetary reserve service units, compound in current & fixed future-state capital value across a rolling 5 year horizon in perpetuity - and serve as - interoperable - digital twinned reserves, for both our global monetary reserve and client localised - CeBM protocols.

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