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IQSM Group™ is not a bank, or - an authorised deposit-taking institution. It's global perpetual reserve based interchange and value exchange protocols eliminate the risks of conventionally designed banking systems and power stable, fixed and certain current and future growth & social impact benefits on-demand.


-  financial service system

-  world leading technology secured ecosystem

AiON Smartcore™ powers a proprietary - user-centric - global financial service system that eliminates all local intermediation and friction between individual, business & government client reserve accounts, and traditional underlying financial systems.

GCU and BMU GS-1 and GS-2 monetary reserve units are all perpetualised on issue. They serve as - interdependent - local and global, monetary reserve systems for ecosystem indexed and secured central bank money CeBM systems, on-demand. 


No securities, or - any form of - investment offering is made to private or public sectors, to support funding mandate services. 

All products exceed, conform to and are regulated - within the relevant local market laws & regulatory compliance guidelines.


Simplified to an executable series of proprietary math-proofed constants - no central, commercial or shadow banking system can comply, with it's real-time - client and whole of ecosystem NSFR standards, or Tier-1 capital - and ALM control protocols.

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