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iQSM™ powers math-regulated, and - network programmable perpetual base money AND self-liquidating new money supply (credit) across local & global reserve accounts. UCIS indexed monetary service units bond autonomous end-to-end financial ecosystem money and credit supply within a fully independent local and global multi-line reserve framework. They lock-down localised, credit and yield generation rights - in 1:1 equilibrium.

-  global

-  smart supply system

-  world leading technology secured ecosystem

iQSM™ global monetary service units align, network regulated local market bonded credit & yield rights, with tokenised - local

reserve account directed - base money rights and digital asset management capabilities unimagined to date, in - scale, scope and personalised - performance. They dramatically outperform all current single and multi-sovereign - central and commercial banking systems across Asia Pacific, Europe & North America​.

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