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iQSM™ 10/100 fixed total supply base money units (BMUs) are denominated & capital reserved in their indexed local currency with the full genesis series issue of 80Mn of 400Mn FTS BMU's pre-issued 1 July 2023 - to secure local foundation reserve funding lines.

-  global

-  base money system

-  world leading technology secured ecosystem

iQSM™ global math-proofed and regulated base money funding service units will be issued to localised KYC registered clients at a

fixed global supply rate of 6,666,666 units pm from 1 July 2024 with the FTS balance of 320Mn BMUs to issue over 48 consecutive

months rendering all non-yield paying fiat, crypto, stable-coin and CBDC currency systems - design flawed and performance limited.

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