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iQSM™ base money funding service units, (BMUs) - are local currency denominated - GCU bonded - and UCIS (Underlying Capital Investment System) indexed with 80Mn of 400Mn FTS global network cached GS-1 BMUs, pre-issued on 1 Jan 2023

representing 20% of - all - global fixed total supply (FTS) units.

-  global

-  base money system

-  world leading technology secured ecosystem


10% of the GS-1 issue is pre-allocated to the global perpetual

reserve account and 10% to UCIS-indexed local BMU reserve accounts to instantiate all, 1:1 par equivalence capital reserve activation protocolsThe balance of 320Mn GS-1 BMUs issue from 1 Jan 2024 at a - global - fixed - supply rate of 6,666,666 pm - over 48 monthly funding cycles. They power yield-paying local medium of exchange service rights - and unconditionally secure unrivalled new reserve account optimisedglobal store of value and global unit of account - functions and capabilities.

Activated GCU bonded BMUs increase in local capital reserve value by a factor of 10:1 YoY in perpetuity - and autonomously lock-down - a UCIS-indexed - local currency denominated and

Tier-1 capital guaranteed unit value, rising from - US $100 par value equivalence, on instantiation - to US $1,000,000 by M60.

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