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AiOn SmartCore™ global currency units (GCUs) - are a digital perpetual reserve representation of a future-proofed fixed total supply (FTS) global base money funding matrix, that functions autonomously - on a global scale. GCUs have a self-sovereign directed capability, to function in dual-core synchronised (local and stateless) modes, with 400Mn FTS index-linked and BMU bonded, GCUs - on issue - at, US $100 par value equivalence.

-  global

-  reserve currency system

-  world leading technology secured ecosystem

GCU index-linked perpetual reserve rights of use activate - on a 1:1 GS-1 and GS-2 basis - as new 10/100 BMUs are issued.

Global perpetual reserve synchronised - GS-1 and GS-2 local base money denominated funding service protocols power an unrivalled new, math-proofed and regulated monetary system and credit, payment and yield generation based alternative to all traditional banking, payment and financial service systems.

AiOn SmartCore™ powers an immutable - monetary unit tiling protocol, that is - math-proofed and regulated. It enables us to create and abstract, end-to-end - monetary system processes and apply them systemically at a scale previously unimagined with no policy intermediation other than, algorithmic execution. 

Each 10/100 empowered GCU, has local - matrix entitlements over 10 GCU bonded capital reserve lines, that each increase in capital value MoM by a multiplier of 10:1 - YoY in perpetuity.


They are each - further - capital reserve value enhanced, by a global yield service multiplier of 3.2:1 enabling a new collateral reserve based growth paradigm and locking-down sustainable competitive advantage - over a 60 month horizon in perpetuity.

Index-linked GCUs & BMUs co-exist seamlessly, and radically outperform all, local and global, yield and non-yield paying fiat, stable-coin, crypto-currency, and CBDC based monetary units.

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