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iQSM™ global perpetual reserve services provision unrivalled new client-directed, local and stateless reserve account rights and - ecosystem enhanced - account services - and render all local and all global - central, commercial and shadow banking  systems and institutions, systemically unsound and irrelevant.

-  global

-  client directed system

-  world leading technology secured ecosystem

AiON SmartCore locks-down, unrivalled levels of - fixed and certain funding mandate profits upfront plus a fixed and certain minimum ROA  of 18.75%, that will outperform ANY traditional local banking industry ROA benchmark eg (JP Morgan Chase US best ROA 2009-2023 1.33%) by a minimum factor, of 10:1.

AiON SmartCore™ UDiD self-sovereign regulated, translation layer and private data governance protocols securely attribute, instantiate and democratise - every - individual, business, and government client's right to create, direct and self-secure their own portfolio, of personalised - full reserve - financial services.

Local currency denominated reserve account capital and yield line pass-through flows are inflation-protected, are available at call, can't be on-loaned and are all 320% direct claim secured, against localised yield enhanced reserve assets - in perpetuity.

No current local or global central bank or commercial banking governance system, can match the local math-regulated, dual core - 100% Tier-1 self-sovereign capital adequacy standards, direct financial claim reserve rights, real-time audit processes, and - localised - global net stable funding ratio - requirements.

All digital asset based reserve account services are subject to self-custodial reserving controls, not those imposed by a bank or other financial institution acting as "custodian" - and cannot be accessed, commingled or re-hypothecated by a third party.

Multi-party-share (MPS) abstracted local and stateless (locally indistinguishable) global digital reserve assets & UDiD bonded  drawing rights - cannot be accessed, or compromised - by any third party, even if, the client's - share based - compute device (mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop) - is virus exposed or hacked.

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