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AiON SmartCore™ reserve asset synchronised services bond

market-localised reserve accounts and secure all UDiD based financial claims against Tier-1 capital rated reserves with a 1:1

full reserve capital to balance sheet asset ratio - fixed at 100%.

-  global

-  value chain system

-  world leading technology secured ecosystem

AiON SmartCore™  reserve asset funding mandates are term risk-adjusted and UDiD reserve account synchronised within a global net stable funding framework, unconditionally fixed and locked-down, at 320%, over a 60 month horizon - in perpetuity.

Each 10/100 empowered BMU has reserve asset entitlements over a single PO reserve line in perpetuity and is bonded on a 1:1 - BMU to GCU - basis to an additional 10 reserve lines pm.

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