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AiON SmartCore™ - fixed zero interest rate - property finance services have zero dependence on the use of deposits to lend, and will systemically, disrupt - all - traditional - interest-bearing mortgage banking, asset valuation, and capitalisation systems.

-  global

-  fixed zero rate system

-  world leading technology secured ecosystem

It will dramatically change forever, how new home, investment, auto, credit card, student, personal and business loans can be client dashboard activated, reserve line secured and financed.

All PO loan accounts have reserve account offset, redraw and new credit line, drawing rights and ongoing term-reset options.

AiON SamrtCore locks-down, unrivalled levels of - fixed and certain funding mandate profits upfront, plus future-state yield returns that outperform a - typical - 1.875% - banking industry interest rated ROA benchmark by a fixed and certain multiplier of 10:1.

The virtual-risk-free, fixed zero interest rate PO mortgage loan system, offers a simple and affordable way to reduce cost and increase ROI. Localised fixed zero rate lending services, have no dependence on government tax deductions for interest and the removal of interest costs effectively increases, current and future-state equity line gain pass-throughs by a 5.25% pa rate for a 30yr 5.25% P&I or IO term-matched refinancing instance.

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