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iQSM™ intelligent perpetual reserve services fully secure and pre-fund the refinance for existing P&I mortgages with - 100% loan to property value (LTPV) 30 year term, fixed zero interest rate PO principal repayment only, home loans - with local loan service costs being fully pre-funded, reset & reduced - to zero.

-  global

-  benefit plan system

-  world leading technology secured ecosystem

iQSM™ global perpetual reserve funded benefit plans secure employee personalised and refinanced - PO home loans, and power unrivalled new, loan equity reset options, that eliminate the need, to make - PO - repayments for a fixed period of time effectively increasing net disposable income, by up to 40% pa.

All PO loan accounts have reserve account offset, redraw and new credit line, drawing rights and ongoing term-reset options.

A mortgage reset strategy - based on 5% pa capital gains, has the potential to pre-fund 30 years (ie the full loan term), of loan repays by year 10 with a fixed sum PO loan balance carry and it is then irrelevant as to the underlying loan currency selected for cross-border (ie; no forex risk), RE investment transactions.

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